Weight Training Split – Beginner

If you are just starting out weight training or are interested in trialing it for a week, here is a typical split I designed for beginners. I have done this myself and found it just challenging enough. This is only a light introduction to weight training and I like to combine weight training with 1-2 HIT or cardio sessions a week to elevate my heart rate a bit, but if you are just starting out or coming back to exercise after a long break this is a good routine to ease your way back into it.

There are 4 workouts, I would fit each workout in according to my schedule for example; lower body on Monday, upper body on Tuesday, full body on Thursday and full body/HIT on Saturday but it is completely up to you. Another lower body session is encouraged, but make sure you leave 48 hours before target training the same muscles again, otherwise this can cause damage and you won’t get optimal recovery or growth. So if you were to do another lower body session later in the week, make sure you leave a day between each session.


In week 1, all sets of the same exercises should be performed after one another with ~45 seconds break in between each set. In later weeks you can start to alternate between exercises, but keep it basic in the beginning.

  1. Lower Body
    Leg Press (no weight) | 8-10 reps | 3 Sets
    Goblet Squat (9kg) | 8-10 reps | 3 Sets
    Dead Lift (15kg) | 8-10 reps | 3 Sets
    Curtsy Lunge (9kg) | 8-10 reps | 3 Sets
  2. Upper Body
    Flat Dumbbell Fly | 8-10 reps | 3 Sets
    Cable Press Down | 8-10 reps | 3 Sets
    Seated Cable Row | 8-10 reps | 3 Sets
    Straight Dumbbell press upward | 8-10 reps | 3 Sets
  3. Full Body / Abdominal
    Smith Squats (10kg) | 8-10 reps | 3 Sets
    Lunge – Right (5kg) | 8-10 reps | 3 Sets
    Lunge – Left (5kg) | 8-10 reps | 3 Sets
    Leg raise| 15 reps | 3 Sets
    Russian Twist (5kg) | 15 reps | 3 Sets
    Burpee | 10 reps | 3 Sets
  4. Full Body / HITPush-ups x 15
    Jump squat x 15
    Single-leg toe touches x 30
    (Repeat 3-4 rounds)Right angled crunch x 15
    Alternating Jump Lunges x 15
    Curtsy lunges x 15
    (Repeat 3-4 rounds)Burpees with push-up until fail.

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