How to make Instagram highlight covers: easy step-by-step

This screenshot was taken from my Instagram account after I created my Instagram highlight covers. If your not already following, go check it out at @eonlinenutrition! This is free and takes honestly no time at all and I will show you how in these few easy steps:

  1. Create a Free account on Canva – it is a great online program for designing logos, thumbnails, posters and other creative things! I used the mobile app so it was easy to download and add onto my Instagram highlights.
  2. Select ‘create a design’ and choose any template, I chose the Instagram one to create my designs, but any downloadable option is fine.
  3. Now you have your blank page template, go to the left hand column and select ‘elements’. If you would like a background colour like mine, insert a circle and adjust the colour.
  4. Then, in the search bar search for the element you would like to create a cover for (example: ‘workouts’, so I would search for weights or exercise). Some elements are free and some cost money to use, so be careful which one you chose.
  5. You can then adjust the element you chose as well as the background.
  6. Once you have your element, download your design on your phone – or computer.
  7. On Instagram, create your highlight and edit the cover, then select and crop your design from your photos – it’s that simple!

If you feel overwhelmed and would rather download some, there is plenty of downloadable templates on pinterest.

Or if you like the look of mine, feel free to take advantage of mine and download them for free below!

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