Full Body Home Workout 1.0

This session requires no weights, you will just need a bit of space on the ground and a chair to step-up on and you should be good to go! It will take you around 20 minutes not including the warm up walk, so perfect quick home workout if you don’t feel like hitting the gym or at home with the bub!

The workout includes 2 different rounds of full body exercises, complete them at your own pace. Repeat exercise 1-4 one after the other and then repeat the whole round 4 times through.

Warm up: 15 – 30 minute walk around the block

Round 1

  1. 40 alternating mountain climbers
  2. 15 knee-on-ground push ups
  3. 40 alternating leg bicycle crunches
  4. 15 straight raised leg crunch

Repeat round 4 times

Round 2

  1. 20 alternating curtsey lunges
  2. 10 jump lunges
  3. 20 step-ups
  4. 40 rotating toe touches

Repeat round 4 times

Let me know in the comments how you go, goodluck!

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