Full Body Home Workout 1.0

This session requires no weights, you will just need a bit of space on the ground and a chair to step-up on and you should be good to go! It will take you around 20 minutes not including the warm up walk, so perfect quick home workout if you don’t feel like hitting the gym or at home with the bub!

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Weight Training Split – Beginner

If you are just starting out weight training or are interested in trialing it for a week, here is a typical split I designed for beginners. I have done this myself and found it just challenging enough. This is only a light introduction to weight training and I like to combine weight training with 1-2 HIT or cardio sessions a week to elevate my heart rate a bit, but if you are just starting out or coming back to exercise after a long break this is a good routine to ease your way back into it.

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