Homemade Vietnamese Phó Soup

A very popular dish in Vietnam is their Vietnamese Phó soup. It is served for breakfast, lunch and dinner in most hotels and restaurants and is possibly one of the most common dishes you will come across. When I arrived home from my trip, I missed having it each day, so I decided to createContinue reading “Homemade Vietnamese Phó Soup”

What to pack for Vietnam?

I went backpacking to Vietnam for just 2 weeks, travelling from Ho Chi Minh City in the south of the country, right up to Hanoi City in the north of the country. I traveled during early January, so clothing tips may not be helpful for you if you are traveling during the other half ofContinue reading “What to pack for Vietnam?”

Asian Soba Noodle Salad with Tofu & Orange dressing

A light-yet filling salad, very fresh and crunchy, filled with vitamins and minerals. The dressing gives this dish a fresh citrus aroma with a sweet after taste. Perfect for a pre-packed lunch or lunch at home. Serves 1 Ingredients Salad 1 ½ cups mixed lettuce ½ carrot, thinly sliced ¼ red onion, sliced ¼ cupContinue reading “Asian Soba Noodle Salad with Tofu & Orange dressing”