Homemade Brown Rice Sushi with Tuna (easily made vegan)

Yes – sushi is a great alternative to other lunch foods, although like most takeaway foods, it does contain some nasties and NO the vegetarian sushi rolls are not vegan because of the sauces used in the sushi! Did you know bought sushi contains a lot of saturated fat and preservatives that aren’t so goodContinue reading “Homemade Brown Rice Sushi with Tuna (easily made vegan)”

Healthy Beef Burger Patty recipe

I often get asked how to eat clean and healthy without restricting what you love – eg. burgers! I find that the most exciting part about transitioning into a healthy lifestyle is finding the things you love to eat most and making them a clearner version. These burger patties are so healthy but also sooooContinue reading “Healthy Beef Burger Patty recipe”

Easy Cauliflower Pizza Base (gluten, dairy, sugar free)

I love love pizza, but every time I eat pizza I get a stomach ache or bloating and feel so uncomfortable. Instead of restricting myself and just not eating pizza because it makes me feel like this, I like to come up with alternative recipes so I can still enjoy the stuff I love butContinue reading “Easy Cauliflower Pizza Base (gluten, dairy, sugar free)”