All about Vitamin C

As a Nutritionist, we work with numerous conditions that require supplementation of different vitamins and minerals and one of them is vitamin C. Vitamin C is obtained from the food we eat. It is so important for many things, some I will chat about here and also give you some food options to boost your vitamin C intake and some tips to boost the absorption of specific vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C is also considered an antioxidant, I talk more about antioxidants and why they are important in a recent post here.

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What are Antioxidants? Everything explained

Free radical damage can come from many things that put the body under stress. Things such as the sun, alcohol, toxins and pollutants, fatty foods, smoking and even exercise.

Essentially, free radicals can cause inflammation and typically causes ageing over time within the body, this is not something we can avoid but it something we can simply ‘slow down’. Apart from general ageing within the skin and bodily processes not working as efficiently as they used to, conditions caused by free radical damage can be cardiovascular disease, Type II diabetes, cataracts, macula degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.

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