Iron-rich food

Iron is a very important micronutrient for the body helping with oxygen transport around the body, immune health, metabolism and overall energy. Anemia is a consequence of prolonged iron deficiency which can be caused by a number of reasons and those who suffer from iron deficiency will feel tired, lethargic, have a poor immune functionContinue reading “Iron-rich food”

Difference between a Nutritionist and a Dietitian degree?

There is actually a big difference between the qualification of a Nutritionist compared to a Dietitian and the study pathways also differ.

Easy Homemade High Fibre Vegan Snack! Yummy Vegetable biscuits

Vegetable juice is such a good way to start the morning! But have you ever felt guilty for throwing away all the wasted pulp and fibre from the vegetables and fruit you juiced? This recipe only takes a few extra minutes of your time so give it a go instead of throwing out and wastingContinue reading “Easy Homemade High Fibre Vegan Snack! Yummy Vegetable biscuits”