10 minute Homemade Gourmet Pizza Sauce!

My weekly Sunday healthy & easy recipe! A homemade gourmet pizza sauce for the cauliflower pizza base I made the other day. I will like the recipe here. You can obviously use regular pizza bases with this gourmet sauce as well, but making your own sauce comes with so many benefits- not only it tastesContinue reading “10 minute Homemade Gourmet Pizza Sauce!”

Easy Cauliflower Pizza Base (gluten, dairy, sugar free)

I love love pizza, but every time I eat pizza I get a stomach ache or bloating and feel so uncomfortable. Instead of restricting myself and just not eating pizza because it makes me feel like this, I like to come up with alternative recipes so I can still enjoy the stuff I love butContinue reading “Easy Cauliflower Pizza Base (gluten, dairy, sugar free)”

The Top 10 Healthiest Seeds you should Include in your Diet and Why?

All seeds include a wide range of nutrients and added vitamins and minerals. Seeds can be a great way to include extra vitamins and minerals, protein, good fats, fibre and extra texture to your food without even noticing it. I will always sprinkle seeds on top of my eggs in the morning or over myContinue reading “The Top 10 Healthiest Seeds you should Include in your Diet and Why?”

All about Vitamin C

As a Nutritionist, we work with numerous conditions that require supplementation of different vitamins and minerals and one of them is vitamin C. Vitamin C is obtained from the food we eat. It is so important for many things, some I will chat about here and also give you some food options to boost yourContinue reading “All about Vitamin C”