The truth behind Celery Juice – a nutritionists opinion

Celery juice: Is it good or bad for us?

The celery juice trend began when the ‘medical medium’ released his opinion on this vegetable juiced in the morning on an empty stomach by itself. If you want to see where this whole trend originated, click on the link here.


In simple terms, celery juice is great- it has many benefits; it’s very high in potassium and other vitamins and minerals that are important for your body just as other vegetables, fruits and wholefoods have. I promote and encourage vegetable juices especially over fruit juices as they are a great way to get in those extra vitamins and minerals without the concentrated sugar aspect as in fruit juice, BUT when things are juiced all the important fibre it contains is stripped out.

Fibre is such an important part of the diet, it keeps the digestive tract functioning well and promotes good bacteria growth in the gut – very good for the gut microbiome! It even helps protect against cardiovascular disease and other digestive problems such as constipation and diverticulitis.

I am not in any way saying celery juice is bad- because it is a great thing to consume daily especially if it takes place of an extra coffee or sugary drink. Celery is made up of over 95% water which is an amazing way to rehydrate the body in the morning whilst getting in extra vitamins and minerals. It can however take place of something more beneficial for the body, variety of fruits and vegetables in the diet is so important because all different fruits and vegetables contain all different vitamins and minerals and if you’re consuming just the one vegetable juice every single day, you’re only getting the benefits of those one range of vitamins and minerals every single day. This means you are  missing out on all of the other vitamins and minerals your body needs from a range of sources.

Another thing to note if you are currently on the celery juice trend- be careful of where you Source your celery from because celery can be highly sprayed and contain chemicals that are actually harsh for the body so you maybe juicing celery and consuming it which is a great thing, but it may come with consequences without knowing. I know not everyone can afford organic produce but with celery I think organic is definitely beneficial especially if you’re consuming every single day, because chemical load can build up in the body and be potentially more harmful than good.

If you’re consuming Celery juice every morning and you feel great – please don’t stop doing it, because it does give you good benefits! BUT try to incorporate other vegetables in with the celery juice such as carrots, lemons, ginger, oranges, beetroot or even pineapple, because you can get a wide variety of vitamins and minerals in every morning rather than just one range of vitamins and minerals from the one vegetable.

I hope this post helps some confused people out there! If anyone would like me to clarify any other myths floating around, feel free to comment and I can deliver a new post for you answering your question.

Have a great day everyone xx

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