How to stop ‘dieting’ and enjoy balance: FREE EBOOK

“Diet” is a term I never like to use because it refers to something that is essentially temporary. Why eat for a certain restricted way for a certain amount of time and then revert back to your old eating ways after this “diet” fails?

As I am currently in my 5th year of studying to become a dietician, I have a lot of experience in diets. Diets should be used to treat certain conditions or investigate certain gut issues- so yes, I do think they have a place, but if you do not have a certain condition or suffer from an illness, why suffer through a diet?

I feel like too much attention is being put around diets these days, everyone ‘has to be on a diet’ or restrict their eating in some way and yes I do agree if some foods do not feel good in your body you shouldn’t eat them all the time, but food is to be enjoyed as well!

As dieticians/nutritionists we should not recommend cutting out any food groups as each group has specific vitamins and minerals our body needs BUT personally, dairy does not sit well in my body- no I am not lactose intolerant but when I eat dairy it makes me bloated and uncomfortable. I doesn’t mean I never eat dairy, on some occasions such as easter of coarse I indulge in chocolates and cheeses but I know the next day I may be a bit more sluggish. Its about BALANCE and knowing your body and how your body reacts to certain foods. Majority of people however, thrive off dairy and feel great after a cup of milk or a few slices of cheese and that is great! Don’t restrict your food because you think its what you should do because thats what everyone else is doing- do it because of how YOU feel.

If you are feeling stuck and not sure how much/what foods you ‘should’ be eating, The Australian Guide to healthy eating (AGHE) is a great place to start. It helps you see ANY food is good food – just some more in moderation than others. If you are a women and are struggling to figure out where a good place to start is, I just composed a small e-book with 5 days worth of meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks) that equal the AGHE and the recommended servings of food as a little guide to show you some variety and inspiration as to how much you can be eating!

If you would like access to this 5-days worth of recipes for FREE, just contact me via the services and I will email it out to you straight away. If by any chance I do not respond within 24-48 hours, please comment below and I will send it out to your email address for free 🙂

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I am a qualified Health Scientist with majors in Nutrition and Exercise Science and currently studying another 2 years in Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics. I have a passion for all things natural health, whole foods and a balanced lifestyle. Follow my journey to better your own journey <3

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