About Me


I am a qualified Nutritionist majoring in Exercise Scientist (also a nearly qualified Dietitian) and live my passion through my holistic and healthy approach to life. I created this website a few years ago in the aim to build a community of like-minded girls & women who have similar beliefs and passions and who can share experiences with one another without judgement. I created this, basically, because this is what I wish I had access to when I was going through my own struggles over the past few years with constant digestive discomfort, skin issues, hormone imbalances, losing my period, under eating and over training and weight loss. Or even just to have access to constant flow of clean, nutritious & delicious recipes, a safe space and reliable advice and the raw truth about all the misleading nutrition information in this world!

I aim to inspire each and every one of you and help you become a healthier version of yourself whether that be through clean whole-food recipes, nutritional content of food, home remedies or just simply advice. I want this to be a space where you can ask me anything at any time of day and I can give you some real and raw help and advice.

I have found a profound passion in all things health, cooking, nourishment, food, exercise and overall wellness! Most nutritionists & dieticians preach balance (as I do), but I also think it is so so important that every single individual is different. I like to think of myself as a nutritionist with a more holistic and natural approach and rather than just fixing or treating something when it is broken, I like to treat the root cause of something and prevent it from progressing.

I believe everyone has the ability to tune in with their body and figure out what the body is telling them and what they need through their own signs and symptoms. Gut discomfort and skin issues are a huge sign, something I thought was ‘normal’ and have consequently suffered with for years and years. I also lost my mensural cycle for over a year which I did not think was a big deal, until I started my studies and research releasing how important this is and how much of an impact it has on skin, energy, libido and all the other elements.

It wasn’t until I started to treat the root cause that it came back and I realized how good we CAN and are meant to feel every single day- full of energy, positive, healthy and clear minded. I believe everything is inter-connected within the body and rather than masking the issue with medication or pain relief, I think it is important to listen to the body and dig deep to treat the root cause through different remedies.

It may take a little longer, but treating the root cause is quicker than having ongoing issues for the rest of your life which can lead to bigger and bigger issues down the track.

I started this site to help people learn, motivate and inspire you to soak up everything health, nutrition and wellness plus loads of healthy recipes, healthy hacks and services to help you reach your goals and improve your quality of life. I don’t just want to be a blog- I want to interact with everyone who visits and answer your questions and nutrition myths without having to spend money to go and see someone! I want to be a platform you can visit to feel safe, inspired and motivated to feel the best you can feel and lead a positive, healthy and happy life!

Welcome & please join me to create this epic community together and inspire one another to do great things!

I look forward to seeing you in the comments 😛

Enjoy xo