About Me


About Me

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I am a qualified Nutritionist majoring in Exercise Scientist (also a nearly qualified Dietitian) and live my passion through my holistic and healthy approach to life. I created this website a few years ago in the aim to build a community of like-minded girls & women who have similar beliefs and passions and who can share experiences with one another without judgement. I created this, basically, because this is what I wish I had access to when I was going through my own struggles over the past few years with constant digestive discomfort, skin issues, hormone imbalances, libito and energy struggles, losing my period, under eating and over training and weight loss. Or even just to have access to constant flow of clean, nutritious & delicious recipes, a safe space and reliable advice and the raw truth about all the misleading nutrition information in this world!


For more information on my experiences and the reason for this website, visit My Story…


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