The Top 10 Healthiest Seeds you should Include in your Diet and Why?

Anyone that knows me knows that I am obsessed with seeds. All seeds include such a wide range of nutrients and added vitamins and minerals that are so important for the body! Seeds can be a great way to include extra vitamins and minerals, protein, good fats, fibre and extra texture to your food without … Read More


Iron-rich food

Iron is a very important micronutrient for the body helping with oxygen transport around the body, immune health, metabolism and overall energy. Anemia is a consequence of prolonged iron deficiency which can be caused by a number of reasons and those who suffer from iron deficiency will feel tired, lethargic, have a poor immune function … Read More

Healthy Beef Burger Patty recipe

I often get asked how to eat clean and healthy without restricting what you love – eg. burgers! I find that the most exciting part about transitioning into a healthy lifestyle is finding the things you love to eat most and making them a clearner version. These burger patties are so healthy but also soooo … Read More